The Logical Choice for Commercial Flooring

Compromising between beauty and durability isn’t a choice anyone should have to make. It’s why CoreLogic was intensively designed for maximum resilience, without cutting any corners in terms of style.

With industry-defining quality control, and an unparalleled processing of warranty claims, CoreLogic is the ideal flooring solution for any commercial space.

Choosing anything less would be illogical.

From the corner store... the corner office

Commercial Grade Durability

A typical commercial build-out can expect to replace 10-25% of it’s flooring before the first tenant move in. With it’s TritonX wear layer and it’s 100% waterproof nature, CoreLogic can minimize and, in many cases, eliminate such damages.

Unrivaled Quality

Quality starts from step one. CoreLogic utilizes the highest quality raw materials and is manufactured on state of the art machinery. Combined with our unrivaled quality control process, the end result is a defect rate of less than .01%.

A Winning Warranty

CoreLogic stands behind its quality and durability so much that we process warranty claims at a higher rate than anyone in the industry. In the small chance that something does go wrong, you can count on a quick and frictionless resolution.


Logical to the core

Life is unpredictable. Fortunately, there’s NuWood.