The Logical Choice for Waterproof Flooring

Compromising between beauty and durability isn’t a choice anyone should have to make. It’s why CoreLogic was designed for maximum resilience, without cutting any corners in terms of style.

CoreLogic is able to withstand any punishment your family can throw at it, from spills to leaks to any of life’s other little disasters.

When it comes to beautifying and protecting your home, it’s clear that choosing anything less would be illogical.

Flooring For Your Lifestyle

You shouldn’t have to worry about kids and pets destroying your beautiful home. Fortunately, CoreLogic is able to keep up with our favorite forces of nature. With CoreLogic, spills and accidents won’t leave anyone out in the doghouse.

Protection from Life's Little Disasters

Each year, millions of dollars worth of flooring is reported as damaged on insurance claims. While there’s little you can do to prevent leaks or flooding, CoreLogic can withstand it all, ensuring you don’t need to deal with insurance claims.


Peace of Mind

Quality starts from step one. CoreLogic utilizes the highest quality raw materials and is manufactured on state of the art machinery, meaning you can rest assured that your investment will endure. In addition, CoreLogic is 100% free of any VOC's.


Logical to the core

Life is unpredictable. Fortunately, there’s NuWood.